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Travel Poems is music for explorers

Take with you the trilogy album
30 sound-postcards of faraway places

Then visit the live show, always unique:
a journey crackling with improvisation & storytelling


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Chapter 1 . Secret Towns
Eric Pan


Contact & booking: office@travelpoems.com

The creator

Eric Pan builds upon his roving biography – including over a decade’s tenure as jazz pianist and composer in New York City – with the creation of the Travel Poems album and live show.

Travel Poems originated as a series of commissions years prior, when Eric Pan began writing songs for people with stories to tell, as well as for places brimming with lore of their own. In 2018, he gathered twenty-seven of these compositions, kicking off a recording schedule on pianos across four continents. The resulting triple album combines lyrical themes, solo and group improvisation, and narrative soundscapes.

Eric’s fascination with the way music can transport listeners to faraway places has led him to develop a unique vision for how immersive storytelling can be interwoven with live music. In performance, the project continues to expand, itself a journey that changes alongside new discoveries of connections, collaborations, and travels.

Album Trilogy

Nir Sabag   Drums, tracks 1.3, 1.6, 1.9, 2.3, 2.4, 2.6, 3.2, 3.3, 3.6, 3.7
Hugo Reydet   Bass, tracks 1.3, 1.6, 1.9, 2.3, 2.4, 2.6, 3.3, 3.7
Brian Trahan   Recording and sound engineer, mixing engineer
Virgil Segal   Production, logistics, promotion
Ruairi O’Flaherty   Mastering engineer
Kim Hou   Photographer
Peter G   Photographer and videographer
Julia Stone   Artist
Krys Unverzagt   Artist
Jitesh Patel   Calligraphy

Live, New York

Sebastian Chiriboga   Drums
Dean Torrey   Bass
Michael Feinberg   Bass
Grady Tesch   Vibraphones
Jay Dixit   Guest storyteller

Live, Berlin

Nir Sabag   Drums
Hugo Reydet   Bass
Patrick Duke Graney   Percussion
Julia Stone   Logistics and construction
Brian Trahan   Sound engineer


Myles Rodenhouse   Douglass Recording
Chris Gilroy   Sound engineer
Brian Trahan   Sound engineer
Frank Lee   Director
Waeli Wang   Videographer
Grant Speich   Videographer
Magid Metwali   Videographer
Adam Bai   Interviewer
Joséphine Chloé   Producer and interviewer


Meagan Chandler   Writer, “Skydive”
Jay Dixit   Writer, “Whiteout”; commissioner of “Fine Day to Risk It All”
Rebecca Smith   Commissioner of “Discovery after Dark”
Quinn Connors   Commissioner of “Loss”
Ted Maruyama   Facilitator, “View from a Llama”
Yen Ping Chan   Raingoer, “View from a Llama” trailer
Julia Perissinoto   Raingoer, “View from a Llama” trailer

Sound Curation

Adamb1026   birds in Belfast
AGFX   children singing in Northern India
Aglinder   kettle whistle
Ajaysm   Beijing opera percussion
Andy_Gardner   skylark at Whitelee wind farm, dripping in woodland water tank
Andune   horse camp near Erfurt
AnimationIsaac   opening window
Avakas   empty train car in transit in Greece
Barcelonetasonora   storytelling in Barcelona
Benboncan   tawny owls, steam train on the Ffestiniog railway, underwater stream, gusty wind on door
Belthaczar   water and diving at Cinque Terre
Bidone   water drops and birds
Bourotte2   carts passing in Gheorghieni
Carlvus   sea cliff ambience in Dorset
CasaAsiaSons   Punjabi conversation among friends
Cliftonaudio   carousel at St. Sulpice
Colinsullivan   California cars singing on street
DC2014   turbo-prop airplane overhead
Digifishmusic   swimmers in Northern Queensland
DisasterServices   church bells
Dobroide   whale watching at Gaspe Peninsula
Dvideoguy   hammering
Ecfike   wind and broad-leaf trees
Eelke   interior train conversations in Dutch
Eircom   crickets indoors in Moscow
Elliotrambach   street basketball Detroit
F_ilippo   splash into quarry on river Sabac
Felix.blume   goat herd in Napoli, hammering in South Argentina, cricket in Mojave desert, flag flapping in Assem Souk
FlatHill   rain and thunder
FractalStudios   cricket chirp in France
Fredzed   protest chant in Lisboa
Freesoundjon01   Venice bells
FreqMan   needle bounce
Fryzu82   candle lighting
Fthgurdy   walking on wooden floor
Genghis attenborough   organ in Brno
Gis_sweden   lapping waves at Kilanäsan
Gladkiy   Riga international airport, Moscow construction site
Glaneur de sons   small fire
GoodListener   stable horses neighing
Hafdisgitar   arguing birds in Reykjavik
Harrybates01   lighting match, boiling water
Hazure   rowing on the west coast of Canada
Huggy13ear   airplane flying overhead
Humansalad   rock striking silo
Hyderpotter   British answering machine
Inchadney   sounds of Catterline Harbour, Aberdeenshire
InspectorJ   water dripping, close thunder strike, wind chimes in Florida, night wildlife, rain on windows from inside, splash from jumping into pool
J_o_j   horse carriage on gravel
Jgrzinich   old Baluty market in Lodz
Jmbphilmes   city noise
JohnnyBeCrafty   day playing basketball
Jrosin   storm in Pirita
Jsbarrett   Black Jersey giant hens chattering
Juskiddink   leaves of birch and ash in wind, lake shore waves, lake fishing, seagulls and jackdaws
Kangaroovindalo   Australian desert at night
Karymronda   protest during Arab Spring in Tunisia
Kessir   ceramic jug, bowl, and cup
Kingkashif   Tibetan singing bowl from Duisberg
Klankbeeld   8pm village bells in Vlijmen, horse in woods, Bokhoven in the morning, barrel organ of outdoor carousel
Le_abbaye_Noirlac   market crowd in Bruère-Allichamps
Leady   women singing
Leandros.Ntounis   wind and crickets in South Africa
Leosalom   fire in fireplace
LG   cityscape from Rotterdam high-rise
Lgarrett   laughter and glass bottle in Pennsylvania
Loopbasedmusic   close city rain
LukeIRL   frog conversations in Basque
Manuel Calurano   nightingale and frog conversation in Cuidad Real
Mario1298   pilot greeting in Greek and English
Martypinso   heavy snow storm
Matiasromero   vinyl scratching
Mattburnett   passing bicycle in Berlin
MBARI_MARS   blue whale calls by Monterey
MDRivet   snow walking in Colorado
Miastodzwiekow   TV sounds in Poznan, out of window
Monica137142   submerged underwater
MrAuralization   fireworks
Nebulousflynn   merry-go-round in Brighton
Nikhill Kumar   jump into water
Nikitralala   station announcement in Gwangju
Northern87   barbecue fire
__O   woman sings in Chitwan
Owl   church bells in Kungsholmen
Pcwvdmark   inside Dutch windmill
Pfannkuchn   passing cars in Hamburg
Plantmonkey   seacave in Cornwall
Polymorpheva   Heathrow airport
Pulswelle   waves in Howacht
Q.K.   rainfall
Qubodup   airplane in-cabin liftoff
Ramston   airplane takeoff from Beirut
Rapoix   train stop
Reinsamba   Karlsruhe open air cafe
Rhapsodize   crickets by a creek
Richists   bathtub with foam
Rmutt   mooring rope
Satiw4c   skatepark competition in Port Macquarie
Schafferdavid   people at market in Bretagne
Schneiderfilmchen   ambulance siren
SFindigo   hippie drumming San Francisco
Sgel05   bar sounds in Barcelona
Shaynecantly   explosion at mine
Silencyo   mistral winds in Aubagne
Sirderf   movements in bath
Sithjawa   ravens and cars at Elizabeth Lake, California
Skjor1   fireworks in Cornwall
Soundmary   airport announcement
Soundskeep   scops owls in Croatia
SpliceSound   splatting rain on stone, cannonball from a dock
Spt3125   timpani dents
Staikov   applause in cathedral
Stefanhoevenaar   heels walking under bridge
Stijn   tea poured into mug
Swiftoid   horse clopping downhill
Tams_kp   manual typewriter
Thaighaudio   splashing water
Thalamus_Lab   granulated coral reef, diving in Australia
Thanvannispen   stone dragging on stone
Thatjeffcarter   church service in Bethlehem
Therabidfrog   rain noise
TheWorkingBamboo   bus sounds in Hubei
Tim.kahn   icy snow in forest
Timsc   bubbling and regulator sounds
Tomlija   chimes in shop
Tom_woysky   applause at concert
Ultradust   window and train in Seoul, rain falls on sill
Unfa   various timpani sounds, firework candle
Vampirella17   newspaper ruffling
Venaportae   snow sounds from Russia
Vflefevre   Krakow train station
Vgraham1   stirring tea
VlatkoBlazek   local market in Croatia
Wjoojoo   underwater LBJ lake, waves at Bolivar
Xserra   Beijing opera
YleArkisto   spring birds in Finland, rain on metal roof, crashing wooden house
Yoyodaman234   wind through trees
Yurkobb   jump into water