Travel Poems is a musical creation —
an album of songs written for places,
and a live concert crackling with improvisation & storytelling

Album ♪♬

Chapter One . Secret Towns

Play Itinerary ♫

The Show

Collect these ingredients together inside a cozy room:

  • Immersive storytelling
  • Improvised music
    • Acoustic and electric piano
    • Double bass
    • Drums and percussion
    • Very instrumental guests
  • Original compositions
  • Soundscapes environmental and visceral

Whip these together vigorously but unevenly, so that the contents remain distinctly palpable. Each show will be unique and likely dramatically different. Always, however, the performance will transport the audience (and the musicians, who also, themselves, become the audience) to a variety of places: a blend of the real and the fantastical.

You find yourself now
inside a cave that opens up to the sea below,
waves crashing against mossy rocks.

The musical compositions in the Travel Poems collection are miniature worlds. They are destinations to visit, places to explore. When we travel out and about, travel naturally happens inwardly too – and we are co-creators of the places we go, both for our own experiences and for others’. In this same way, each musician, especially during live interpretations of the show, is helping to usher the roomful of participants toward new places, whether those are fancifully invented, or intimately familiar.

The sky outside is already dark,
too dark to see the bombardments of the ocean –
they are as loud as cannon fire.

When people gather around a campfire to exchange songs and stories, the gathering immediately transcends the stuff of the songs and the stories themselves. (They become more like fuel for a rocket ship.) The Travel Poems show summons a sister genre of gathering, through its mood and proficient tour guides, the very authors of the notes and the words of the moment.

You can feel each wave as it batters the cliff,
when saltwater rushes in and pools around your legs.
Every time the cave floods, ice water freezes your ankles,
paralyzing you for a while.

During a Travel Poems show, the boundaries of the stage fade away, as both audiences and performers seamlessly become participants to a shared adventure. Immersive storytelling brimming with imagery provides a resplendent playground for instrumental improvisations, and the music in turn speaks, as a live soundtrack, into the space of the stories and for all inhabitants of the room.



You begin to illuminate the cave,
lighting lanterns, hooking them onto wooden posts.
The flames leave streams of smoke trailing behind, like imprints of a lover’s fingertips,
brushed along your skin, lingering,
never fully evaporating into air.

In a museum context, the possibilities for transporting audiences multiply fruitfully. Travel Poems exhibitions urge participants to physically visit the world of each song. Visual artists and designers are invited to collaborate on immersive environments; dancers and other performers are given ample breathing room to present original interpretations, whether choreographed or created spontaneously.

Performances in exhibition format can be presented fully live, with improvisation, or in recorded presentations, in spaces that encourage audiences to explore. The relationship between music and travel now consummates mutually: songs that were once written in inspiration during movement, now become their own destinations that surround and embrace the traveler-listener.

In the flickering light,
the cave water-pools become mirrors.
Ripples and flames flirt with one another,
playing hide-and-seek.